ZDHC Top 10 Best Practice Training (Spanish)

ZDHC Top 10 Best Practice Training (Spanish)

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Next available courses:  27th - 28th February 2024, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm WET

 Course Language: Spanish


By following this training, you will have the following:

Reviewed with your trainer ten frequently identified issue areas when working towards a holistic and effective Chemical Management system.
Reviewed non-recommendable practices in the ten frequent issue areas and discussed the best practice solutions to these issues.
Discuss practical case studies that are good examples in your daily practices on the factory floor.
Have had the opportunity to discuss practical issues with your peers and exchange ideas about tackling these issues.
Had an excellent follow-up on the previous Chemical Management Course by diving deeper into the ten topics with practical support.

Please contact Sandra Teixeira at sandra.teixeira@leadership-sustainability.com if you have questions.

Course Description
ZDHC Top 10 Best Practice Training

Trainer: Sandra Teixeira

Examination & certificate are included upon completion

Description: The target audience for this training is the chemical management team of the facility, e.g., EHS Managers, ETP Managers/Technicians, Product Quality Managers, Operations Managers, Chemical Experts, Purchasing Managers, and Chemical Storage Managers. The learners have either completed the course Chemical Management in the Textile Industry or have proven knowledge or an operational background in chemical management in the textile, footwear, and leather industry. By enrolling for the course, you are signing up for a one-day training containing:

Input Control Issue

Internal purchasing policy to ensure ZDHC MRSL compliance
Qualified chemical management team leadership
Documentation permits and verification
Understanding the MSDS
Ability to understand and build a chemical inventory
Process control issue 6. Knowledge of chemical separation/ segregation 7. Chemical storage and on-site management 8. General Training in chemical management 9. PPE implementation and maintenance

Output Control Issue 10. Capability to identify where WEF hazardous chemical test report results originate in the factory from chemicals

Course: https://academy.roadmaptozero.com/course/1567/details

Duration: 3 x 3 hours

Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm WET


Contact: sandra.teixeira@leadership-sustainability.com